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Fasnacht 2007 - Zug Luzern DVD video from 29,00 CHF
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Fasnacht 2007 - Zug Luzern DVD video

This DVD covers:
Zuger Fasnacht Chäselete Umzüge
Luzerner Rüüdig Samstag, the complete Güdismontag Umzüge + groups after.
Duration: @ 1 hour 15 minutes. Taken on Sony TRV-900E. 29 CHF per single DVD order
Bulk order discount for 20+ DVDs in one order. Multiple copy discounts and licenses to make multiple copies available. Email us:
Groups include:
Luzern Rüüdig Samstag: Blattlüüs, 5 Marionnettes, PC4Projekt, Noteheuer, Musegghüüler Lozärn, Wäsmali Chatze, Lozärner Chrache – Hergiswil, Rasselbandi – Lonely Hearts club band, Noggeler, Spoitzer Heroes.
Luzern Güdismontag:
All floats and most groups – Umzüge Choppelgnome? (pirates in Umzüge), Gruppe – 5 keyboards, Monks, BBF, Bahnhofgeister – Hergiswil, Jazz group (B&W outfits), Lippanzauer riding school, Rotsee, Chatze musig Lozärn.
Zug Chäselete Umzüge:
Groups 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 10, 11, 12, 16, Descampos, Gugus, Lörze Dräck, Chyybääderli, Cocorico, Villettechöpfler,, Quaker Hünärbärg.

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