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STARS Laser pointer pen

STARS laser pointer pen for professional presentations.
When presenting, don't turn away from your audience. Use this high quality genuine laser pointer pen to highlight your presentation, point by point. Ideal for presentations and a useful tool for teachers, this ultra bright laser pointer focuses attention on the matter at hand.

Product Detail:
Get your point across with the high-quality laser pointer that can be seen from 100 metre away.
* Fine writing instrument also doubles as a laser pointer
* Emits easy-to-see red laser
* Wavelength: 645nm; output power: <5mW
* Class III-A laser product
* 6-month warranty

Important safety information.
Class III-A lasers may have an output power of up to 500 mW (half a watt). They may have sufficient power to cause an eye injury, both from the direct beam and from reflections. Class III-A lasers are therefore considered hazardous to the eye. However, the extent and severity of any eye injury arising from an exposure to the laser beam of a Class III-A laser will depend upon several factors including the radiant power entering the eye and the duration of the exposure. NEVER point a laser pointer into the eye otherwise irreversible damage will occur and NEVER allow children to use any laser pointer.

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